The Good News

Hey – have you ever got a good bit of news and it lifted your spirits?  The gospel has that power to elevate you out of the doldrums and bring you peace and joy in the midst of suffering.  The christian life is not about an absence of trials, tribulations, and suffering, but rather about peace and joy in the midst of your suffering!  Notice how episodes of overwhelming ecstasy, joy, and peace accompanied the revelation of inclusion within scripture.  God showed Peter that he should call no one common or unclean (because all of humanity was perfected at the cross!) and his experience was accompanied with him “falling into a trance”.  Paul was “standing beside himself in ecstasy” in 2 Corinthians 5 when he realized that “one died for all – therefore all died” and “from here on we regard no one from a worldly point of view”.  Meditating on the inclusion of all of humanity in the work of the cross can put you in a state of bliss and physical pleasure and well being that goes beyond our understanding.  Give it a try!

Ninety Nine Theses – Thoughts on the gospel

99 Theses EDIT 4-28-18.001

Author Mark Townsend explores Ninety Nine Theses regarding the gospel, the end of religion, and the New Reformation that is well underway.  Addressing Inclusion, judgement, hell, and much more – this fun and fast paced read will push the reader to think through what passes as modern day christianity and its coherence with the life of Jesus Christ.  Download your copy today at

New Single From LIFECHURCH!


Check out our new single from our band – “Those Eyes”.  Featuring a duet with Jessica Rangel!  The lyrics were inspired from Jesus saying to His bride in Song of Solomon 6:5 – “Turn your eyes from me; they overwhelm me.” and Numbers 6:25,26 – us praying “may Yahweh look with favor on you and give you peace. ”  Click the link below to buy it now!